Karen Payne code samples

A list of various code samples on GitHub to learn from for C#, VB.NET. This list is expanded as new repositories are added.


C# Basic code samples

Collection of code samples

Asynchronous task with option to cancellation a task

Basic language extensions

Language extensions

Creating expression trees for lambda where conditons

Working with Generic Interfaces

Collection of basic SMO code samples

Excel unleashed

Basic operations: Open XML SDK 2.5 Office Word documents

unit testing extension methods and validation

Increment Alpha Numeric Value

Winforms DataGridView ComboBox code sample

Winforms DataGridView custom columns

Winforms ListView

WinForms Filter ComboBox

WinForms data binding

Insert files into SQL-Server tables

SQL-Server export to Excel, Access and XML

SQL-Server Contraint Violations

WinForms communicate between forms

SQL-Server to Excel

Working with Singletons

DataGridView Button Async

Processing CSV files Part 1

SQL-Server Secure User login

SMTP Working with…

BindingSource filter extension methods

TraceListener sample

SQL stored procedures primer

Modify Connections WinForms at runtime

Microsoft Visual Studio Connection Dialog at runtime

SQL-Server find duplicates (include keys)

Master-Details with SQL-Server

Type converters

Windows Forms Autocomplete

DataGridView radio buttons

SQL-Server alternate delete rows

C# Entity Framework code samples

Entity Framework Core 5 Getting started

Entity Framework Core 3x New version of NorthWind

From data provider to Entity Framework Core 3x

Entity Framework Core 3x projections

Entity Framework Core 3x HasValueGenerator example

Entity Framework Core 3x soft deletables

Entity Framework Core 3x find all bt multiple keys

Entity Framework Core 3x shadow properties

Entity Framework Core 3x tips for windows forms

Entity Framework Core 3x DataGridView

Entity Framework Core 2x InMemory unit testng for windows forms

Entity Framework code first DataGridView

Entity Framework change connection at runtime

Comparing SqlClient, EF6, EF Core Like condition

Entity Framework 6 Enums

WPF code samples




VB.NET code samples

Various code sample

Basic to advance code samples

Best practices

Asynchronous basic code sample

Asynchronous cancellation code sample


Fluent Design pattern


Structuring an Entity Framework project

EF Core 3 projections

Entity Framework 6 and Entity Framework Core code samples

The code samples presented within are for multiple articles and are a work in progress. All code works but in some cases the SQL to build databases and populate tables is ever changing, for instance FrontEndRelational and BackEndRelational code works but have not yet provided the database script.

Entity Framework (VB.NET) - getting started

Entity Framework custom sorting

Base connection library (VB.NET/C#)

ListView code samples

Microsoft MS-Access code samples

Moving from MS-Access to SQL-Server with VB.NET

MS-Access login

Move rows up/down for DataGridView and ListBox

Custom Window Forms dialog

Basic TableAdapter getting started

Working with files better

Post build events

Windows Forms delete temp file on closing application

Working with compressed files with VB.NET

Working with SMO

Group by examples

DataGridView Sorting with list

Windows Forms TextBox Where Clause

Database normalization tips

SQL stored procedures primer

Common CheckedListBox operations

WinForms Data annotations/validation 1

WinForms Data annotations/validation 2

Type conversions

Read Sql-Server Images